Lou Reed and Metallica Review: Why Lou? Why?

Lou Reed and Metallica

Albums truly do not get more brutal than Lulu. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I volunteered to review this album. My thought process went something along the lines of: I love Lou Reed, and I admittedly went through a Metallica phase in middle school … It can’t be that bad right? Not right. In fact that’s incredibly wrong.

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St. Vincent Review: Strange Mercy

St. Vincent

Strange Mercy

Judging on looks alone, Annie Clark looks about as fierce as a mouse. Clark, who goes by the musical moniker St. Vincent, is short in stature, with cute, modest features, and the sort of sweet curly black hair that brings to mind a more innocent time. But as clichéd as it is, appearances can be deceiving, which couldn’t be more of the case when it comes to Ms. Clark.
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