Top Ten Thursday: Bands Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Transformation for Bands

While we may not be a TV blog, we still love and adore Breaking Bad, the suspenseful AMC drama that returns this Sunday for the final half of its last season. For those who haven’t seen the show, the concept is essentially to take a squeaky clean good guy and moment by moment, slowly turn him into a criminal maniac: taking Mr. Chips and turning him into Scarface. So we thought which musicians have followed a similar transformation from good to bad, but when we mean bad, we don’t mean evil: we mean just plain crappy. So without further ado, here are our top ten bands that broke bad.
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Top Ten Thursday: Essential Easter Egg Tracks


^Tis the reason for the season ...
Easter is upon us! And what is everyone’s favorite part Easter?Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs of course! Full size, none of that bite size bull spit. A distant second is the Easter egg hunt. And just as that sneaky little bunny manages to hop into our lives once a year to hide those colored eggs around the house, the yard, or wherever he deems fit, artists and their producers have been finding clever (or sometimes not so clever) ways to hide tracks within their albums since the dawn of the LP. That was until recently when iTunes and record labels decided to bone us all by charging a dollar extra for hidden tracks and label the albums as “bonus track editions”. What used to be a fun, playful game turned into a ploy for an easy extra buck. Although, this kind of thing has in fact been happening with bonus tracks for quite some time, just in a different fashion. In fact, some songs on our list began as hidden tracks, but after a striking rise to popularity, labels began printing the albums with the tracks listed on the album. So here you go, whether still listed as hidden tracks or not, here are our favorite Easter egg tracks of all time:
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Blink-182: A Retrospective

Blink-182: A Retrospective

For shits and giggles, I thought I might review the new Blink-182 album, Neighborhoods.  This is their first album after an 8-year hiatus, meaning I probably haven’t heard a Blink song, except for by accident, in around 8 years.  Upon listening to the album, I can’t exactly say that I was disappointed, because it is hard to disappoint when one has absolutely zero expectations.  Suffice it to say, the album was mostly trash.  What I found interesting while listening to Neighborhoods, was how much I wanted to go back and listen to some earlier Blink.  I felt an intense need to evaluate my adolescent affection for Blink-182.  Was my taste in music just disturbingly flawed?  Are there redeemable qualities to be found in the earlier work of Blink?  And finally, what is the legacy left by the turn-of-the-century success of this band?  I hope to answer all of these questions.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Review: I’m With You

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I’m With You

Of all the alternative rock bands that made a name for themselves in the 90’s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have had better longevity and commercial viability than almost any of their other counterparts. I suppose Green Day has done alright for themselves commercially including creating their own musical but their music has been worthless since the mid 90’s and Pearl Jam has continued to pump out albums and put on strong live shows, but their albums have been recycled material for the last decade as well. My theory for the Chili Peppers continued success- the chemistry of the four band mates that came with the return of phenomenal lead guitarist John Frusciante from drug addiction for 1999’s Californication and the following albums that embraced pop melodies and feverish guitar and bass play. But now, following Frusciante’s second and likely final departure from the band, the band regroups but can’t recuperate with I’m With You, their latest exercise that finds the Peppers recycling their sound in redundant and uninspired ways.
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