Heavy Deeds Review: Light Lunch EP

Heavy Deeds

Light Lunch EP

light lunch

We get quite a few emails from bands and promoters of bands informing us of lower-profile releases.  Sometimes these emails are just to inform, but often they are solicitations of sorts to see if we will review an album or EP.  Often, we just ignore them, but every once in awhile, one of us will go through the stack and see if there is anything worthwhile to write about, or even just add to our iTunes library.  So, when I opened the email to check out Minneapolis-based coast-rock band Heavy Deeds, my mind was open, but expectations were not soaring.  I am happy to report, Heavy Deeds debut EP Light Lunch(officially released today) has been in heavy rotation on my iPod for about a week.
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Top Ten Thursday: Life is a Highway (Best Road Trip Songs)

road trippin'

Wes is on a pretty epic 12-day road trip out to Seattle, then up to Vancouver, and back to Chicago.  Along the way, him and Jackie (his wife for the uninitiated) are stopping at Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and many other beautiful places along the way.  In honor of this trip, and in hopes of his safe return, we put our heads together to come up with the top ten road trip songs to keep Wes and Jackie alert, energized, and most importantly awake on this endeavor.

We tried to limit our choices for this list to songs actually about traveling to some degree.  There are many songs and albums that we more abstractly view as road trip songs, but that would have opened this list up to too many options.  We hope you enjoy these songs of the road, and as always feel free to bring more road trip songs of your preference to our attention.
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How I Received My Primer in Classic Rock

I kind of wanted to review Killer Mike’s new album for today, but just haven’t had the time to fully absorb it.  I will say it is awesome and will get a full review out next week.  Instead, due to our coverage of The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary over the next couple days and a chance run-in I had with an old friend last weekend, I thought I could take a little trip down memory lane, and get more personal than analytical for today’s post.  So if you want more of a substantial analysis of a new album, check out Wes’s Beach House review or Todd’s Best Coast review from the past couple days.  Enjoy the trip.
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