The 10 Best Uses of Pop Songs in Commercials

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Who watches commercials anymore?  I certainly don’t.  Unless it is a live sporting event, there is just no reason to subject yourself to them.  Luckily though, when we are a captive audience, there is once in awhile a commercial worth watching.  For the list this week, we decided to celebrate the return of Mad Men with a top ten list of pop songs used in commercials.  So, let’s celebrate Harry Crane’s commercial magic and delve right in.  As always, let us know what we missed.  Enjoy!

10. Volkswagen:  “Pink Moon” – Nick Drake

The vehicle in this commercial is the only thing remotely dated.  Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon” is a lovely accompaniment for the midnight drive portrayed throughout the beautifully filmed ad.
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Jersey Boys Review

Jersey Boys

Bank of America Theatre

Chicago, IL


Jersey Boys, Chicago musical, the Four Seasons

Over the past few years, I have found a greater desire to catch a number of musicals – from Sweeney Todd to Wicked to as of this past Saturday night, Jersey Boys. Coming off of one of the greatest theatrical shows I have ever seen in Beatles LOVE, my expectations were tempered for Jersey Boys, but at the same time, I had heard a number of strong votes of confidence for The Four Seasons-based musical that I was still fairly excited. What I found in Jersey Boys was a truly enjoyable Broadway experience, though not without its share of flaws.
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