Going, Going, Gone! Best “Grand Slam” Artists of All Time


Baseball-Guitar grand slam music

With people flooding baseball stadiums all over the country for their favorite teams opening day, we thought we would kick this season off with a grand slam list of our own. The rules were a bit tricky on this one, but we decided to pick artists that had four great albums in succession. Thus being the grand slam of their career. This idea was taken from music podcast Sound Opinions, who offered their favorite musical grand slams last year. Which is actually surprisingly more rare than one would think. A lot of great artists don’t even have four great albums to their name, let alone, four great albums in a row.  And when we say great, we mean damn near perfect! So this is our list in tribute for those who have accomplished such heights in the breath of their career. As always, feel free to give us your qualms:
10. Roxy Music
Roxy Music
The Grand Slam Albums:
For Your Pleasure (1973)
Stranded (1973)
Country Life (1974)
Siren (1975)
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