LxListening: First Fridays

First Fridays

After a few slow months in late 2012, the first thirty-one days of the new year have already brought some life back to the music scene. A few releases this past month have really taken me by surprise, which is a great start to the year. To honor this great music, I decided to share some first tracks from some of my favorite albums from this year’s first month. Album openers are such a tricky thing in music. You want to grab your audiences attention immediately, but you also don’t want to blow your load too early. That always ends up a bit messy. In essence, the idea is to have something that previews the energy of the album and is somewhat accessible, but not so heavy that it wears the audience out. The short playlist I put together below I feel has some very strong examples of first tracks, and hopefully it inspires some to want to listen to the rest of the albums they each came from. They are all worth a listen in my opinion. So here you are, some first tracks from the first month of 2013 on this, the first Friday of February:

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