Tame Impala At The Metro Show Recap

Tame Impala

The Metro

November 13, 2012

Tame Impala Live, metro

Fellow LxL’er Wes and I happened to make it to our second show of the week together last night. Not that the Talking Heads cover band didn’t prove to be a fun-filled evening, but I think we both agreed that last night’s Tame Impala show far surpassed it. Walking through a very cold Wrigleyville last night, I was reminded of many previous nights either spent on that same strip, or in the Metro itself. Particularly one sub-zero temperature night in which a buddy and I were stranded on the streets after a Black Keys concert and were forced to seek shelter in a Subway sandwich shop like a common homeless person. That is another tale for a different time however. Metro has proven to be one of my favorite Chicago venues. Most every show there is under $20, and they still wrangle in some killer acts. Moreover, it’s such a small venue that there is literally no such thing as a bad seat. That is unless you were one of the 5-foot tall girls that just look like they are lost in a towering forest, never to see the stage.
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Tame Impala Review: Lonerism

Tame Impala

tame impala lonerism cover art, album cover, new album

Tame Impala’s debut album Innerspeaker was easily one of the most underrated albums of 2010. Not that it didn’t receive high praise, because it did, it just didn’t receive enough of it. Two years after its release, and week before its sophomore follow up, it is still being discovered by many and loved by all that hear it. The follow-up Lonerism hits the physical shelves next week, and I’ll be damned if the band didn’t pick up right where they left off. Without seeming to really skip a beat, Tame Impala continues to float us on down the wavy psychedelic-pop river that their music seems to create for its listener. With his main source of inspiration for this particular album being Todd Rundgren’s 1973 effort A Wizard, a True Star, lead man Kevin Parker finds ways to mellow out a bit more with Lonerism, but without losing his edge.
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LxListening: A Total Cluster Cuss

serious man, movie, screen grab, coen brothers

Sometimes our LxListening segment will have a certain theme or tone … this week I got nothing. Nothing but a cluster cuss of great tracks that is. Some have yet to be released, some have just been released, and some have been released for a long time. In any case, they are all fantastic, and have found their way into very heavy rotation in my playlist lately, and to be honest some of these tracks won’t be leaving that playlist for a good while. Listed in order of newest-to-oldest, here we go:
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