Top Ten Thursday: Best New Artists of 2013


Best New Artists of 2013

We began our end-of-year coverage yesterday with our five most disappointing albums of the year, now we switch to a positive note with our favorite new artists. This turned out to be a very strong list, as we judged these artists on the strength of their debut, but also on their potential over the long haul. Sometimes the concept of a “new artist” can be ambiguous (see Grammy’s Best New Artist Nominees every year), so we defined it as having to release their first proper studio album this year. So here are our bright new stars.
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LxListening: Recent Obsessions

LxListening: run the jewels, tv on the radio, death grips, earl sweatshirt, pulp
It happens to us all. Generally there are always a few albums at a time that are on heavy rotation for me, but every now and then, my attention span can’t reach outside a few tracks that I am obsessing over at the time. This past week has certainly been one, that for whatever reason, a few select tracks have reigned paramount out of my library than all others. For some this has been the case for a while. Others are brand new. But no matter the case, this is what I have been recently obsessed with.

TV On The Radio – “Million Miles”

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Earl Sweatshirt Review: Doris

Earl Sweatshirt



For some reason I believe a lot of people were expecting a masterpiece from Earl Sweatshirt.  A lot of hype has surrounded Earl’s return to the United States and getting back on the grid.  The hype wasn’t without merit, highlighted by his turn on Frank Ocean’s superb “Super Rich Kids”.  But I think everyone kind of forgets that a.) he is only 19 years of age, b.) his mixtape Earl was almost entirely produced by production wizard Tyler, the Creator, and c.) most of his other credits were at the hand of very experienced producers and more accomplished artists.  So no, Doris is not a masterpiece.  But give Earl Sweatshirt a couple more albums and I think he may have that potential.
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LxListening: Lean Mean 2013

Anticipated 2013 Singles and Albums

Now that 2012 is in the rearview mirror and we have properly summed up all the best stuff from last year, it’s time to push ahead to what awaits us this year. Here are five songs from five upcoming albums we can’t wait for.
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LxListening: Oceanic

photo of Odd Future's R&B crooner Frank Ocean

We have had a wealth of album and shows to cover this past month and a half, and unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of things, we weren’t able to review Channel Orange, the debut album from new R&B sensation Frank Ocean. Suffice it to say, I am in love with the album and Frank Ocean himself who comes off as a wonderfully mix of Stevie Wonder, Prince, and which is interesting since I was only luke-warm on his debut mixtape nostalgia, ULTRA and I really don’t care for Odd Future, the young, brash Los Angeles hip hop collaborative he is from. I think Odd Future are mostly novelty for their shock and awe antics and are more media sensation than lasting talent (even if there is no doubt some there). But Frank Ocean has more honesty and soul than the rest of Odd Future combined, free from the showy behavior and disturbing lyrics. So here are five Frank Ocean tracks to highlight this young promising talent.
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