Top Ten Thursday: Best Albums of 2012….so far

It is a little over halfway through 2012 and a large breadth of music has been released in this time.  This of course means that it is time to list what, in our opinion, are the best albums so far this year.  We do this not to proselytize our readers into congratulating us on our superb music tastes, but instead to evaluate the current musical landscape.  Today’s list will also provide some loose guidelines for when we do make our end of the year list – although it is merely a predictor and not definitive on how we will feel at the end of the year.
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Frankie Rose Review: Interstellar

Frankie Rose

^^(awesome cover art, by the way)

Looking for a slower-paced, angelically beautiful, minimalistic-ly brilliant, guitar trembling, synth slamming album that is soaking wet with reverb and will even get you to bob that head occasionally? No, I’m not talking about M83‘s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, but if you’re looking for the female version of it with half the tracks and teensy bit less complexity, yet no less sincere, than look no further than former Dum Dum Girl, Frankie Rose’s second solo album, Interstellar.
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Dum Dum Girls Review: Only In Dreams

Dum Dum Girls

Only In Dreams

Every once and a while, amidst listening to a sea of challenging and creative releases, sometimes one just needs a palette cleanser of a 30 minutes worth of punchy pop songs. To fill that need this season, I give you Dum Dum Girls’ second LP, Only In Dreams.
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