Top Ten Thursday: Back to School

School Music - Songs about College or High School

Fall is almost here; and with the fall comes a sense of dread among all kids, teens, and young adults alike: school has arrived. While the three of us at LxL are done with school (at least for now), that doesn’t mean we don’t like to reminisce a bit. This week we go with our ten favorite school songs with these two main criteria for the category: they couldn’t be about graduation (a list for another time), and they had to be about school or at least set in school with tons of references to it. This actually proved to be one of our most difficult lists to decide upon, as songs about school a lot more prominent in music history than we thought. So let’s take you back to school.
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The Walkmen Review: Heaven

The Walkmen


Album cover art for the new Walkmen album, Heaven

Despite being consistently solid for an entire decade, New York’s five-some The Walkmen have still found themselves swimming a bit under the radar in comparison to their indie rock contemporaries like Spoon, Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, and the Strokes.  Maybe The Walkmen lack the flair and flash of their counterparts, but it’s difficult to deny the strength of their music, which maybe even hit its peak with their last release, Lisbon. Now comes another striking release in Heaven, which stands as their prettiest and most uplifting album to date.
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Jersey Boys Review

Jersey Boys

Bank of America Theatre

Chicago, IL


Jersey Boys, Chicago musical, the Four Seasons

Over the past few years, I have found a greater desire to catch a number of musicals – from Sweeney Todd to Wicked to as of this past Saturday night, Jersey Boys. Coming off of one of the greatest theatrical shows I have ever seen in Beatles LOVE, my expectations were tempered for Jersey Boys, but at the same time, I had heard a number of strong votes of confidence for The Four Seasons-based musical that I was still fairly excited. What I found in Jersey Boys was a truly enjoyable Broadway experience, though not without its share of flaws.
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