Arcade Fire Show Review Royale

Arcade Fire, Dan Deacon, and Devo

August 30th, 2014

United Center, Chicago, IL

LxL_ReviewRoyale_01Arcade Fire Show Review

Wes’s Thoughts:

Groupon is best known in the concert world for getting you discounted tickets on bad 90’s acts like Scott Stapp or 80’s hair bands like Poison, but for once, it paid off in the world of indie rock. Arcade Fire, the overly-ambitious suckers they are, put on two nights at United Center, where the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks play which seats over 20,000, and since the band isn’t quite on that level, we landed Groupon tickets (and pretty good seats at that) for just $22. We’ve made our lack of love for Arcade Fire known over the years, but for $22, you get to at least see Funeral songs and Dan Deacon and Devo (who we love), so you can’t miss.
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Hear This Not That: Maligned Musicians

 Hear This Not That Maligned Musicians

This summer, I have been spending less time listening to the big summer jams (the Mileys, Get Luckies, and Blurred Lines of the world), and more times exploring random artists who I have previously ragged on, or at least never got the full picture on. The three artists listed have all had their moment in the spotlight as sort of one-hit or some-hit wonders or as some sort of other pop culture entity. So I thought why not advice you away from their sugary and dangerous options and towards their better, healthier songs. So here’s another installment of Hear This Not That.
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