A Band Called Death Review

A Band Called Death

A Band Called Death review

Rock history is filled with tragedy: ugly band breakups, festival disasters, and deaths at 27. So when you actually get a documentary about a band called “death”, one might expect more of the same tragedy. And while there is some tragedy in this story about three religious Detroit brothers playing punk music in 1974 before punk was punk who somehow went completely unheard, the heart of the story is absolutely life-affirming: celebrating family, rock ‘n’ roll, and a firm belief that death doesn’t have the last say.
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Searching for Sugar Man Review

Searching For Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man Poster and Review

We are not usually a book or movie blog, but when the subject is music and the book/movie warrants attention, we like to switch it up a bit. Thus is the case with Searching For Sugar Man, the rock documentary about mysterious folk figure Rodriguez. For those less familiar, Rodriguez was a 70’s activist folk singer out of Detroit who released two notable albums in Cold Fact and Coming From Reality. While both went largely unnoticed in the U.S., he became a real voice in South Africa as his music served as a rallying point for the people in South Africa during the apartheid.  Very little was known about Rodriguez, as many people believed he was homeless and people knew very little about who he was or what he did outside of the occasional show. Adding to the mystery was the belief that Rodriguez committed suicide on stage after being heckled at a show. The documentary takes on two South Africans search to find more details about Rodriguez’s demise and instead stumbling upon something very different: Rodriguez alive and well.
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Weak List Wednesday: Best Live Acts of 2011

In continuation of our end year lists, we decided to bust out a short list of our favorite live acts of the year. Obviously, we can only choose from what we have seen, but between the three of us, we have seen many of the seminal acts of today this year.

My Morning Jacket Best Live Band of 2011
Jim James, Rock God in the making

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