TV On The Radio – “Mercy”

TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio  Mercy, cover art, single

TV On The Radio has never been a band to stick to one distinct sound throughout their career. From avant garde noise rock to fast-paced electro funk, they have always done a good job of mixing things up. Their last album 9 Types of Light was the first of the band’s four albums that did not to receive extremely high acclaim. In my opinion that is wrongfully so. I found 9 Types of Light to be a highly underrated album. The sound played off of their previous effort, Dear Science but also incorporated a more simple, lighter approach. With no fifth album officially announced, nor in the works, yesterday they released for the first time a new studio song that have been touring with for a while now, “Mercy”.
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Santigold Review: NOT a Santogold Review

Master of My Make Believe

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As a big fan of Santigold’s first album (back then, known as Santogold), I was eagerly awaiting this follow-up. Santi has a very unique way of crafting her music. “Unique?”, you may say, “doesn’t she just sound like M.I.A.?” Well on the surface, yes, this is an easy comparison to make. However, Santi’s second album helps demonstrate her drastic differences between M.I.A., and portrays why she deserves the praise she gets.
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