Dave Sitek Song Review: “God Damn Beauty”

Dave Sitek

“God Damn Beauty”

dave sitek

It’s always nice to hear something new from Dave Sitek, guitarist/keyboardist/producer/et. al. for TV on the Radio.  Along with his work with TVotR, Sitek has released solo material under the name Maximum Balloon, and produced tracks for everyone under the sun.  This is the first time I have seen him release a solo track under his own name, but I’m not positive that it is truly the first time he has done so.  No matter, of course, because everything Sitek touches is typically well above par.
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LxListening: Spring Sing-Alongs

LxL_LxListening_900x300Spring Sing-AlongsSpring is always an excellent time of year for new releases, and this spring is no different. Right now, there isn’t enough time in the day to listen to all the albums that were just released. And as a three-man crew, we often can’t give everything the full album review treatment. So I figured I would cover five of my favorite songs from the spring, with emphasis on songs deserving to sing along with.
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