The Antlers Review: Undersea

The Antlers


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The Antlers have been a pet favorite of mine ever since the release of the exceptional Hospice in 2009.  The release of Burst Apart last year further affirmed my believe The Antlers are one of the most exciting bands to be following in the world of music right now.  Where The Antlers have thrived and found their success on Hospice and Burst Apart lies in the almost compulsive production.  Peter Silberman, the band’s main creative force, has made a mark on The Antler’s two proper albums by delving into the most minute details of the band’s sound.

That being said, the release of last year’s EP, Together, left a lot to be desired.  The execution of Together made me a little nervous about how their newest EP, Undersea, would turn out.  Together is a completely different animal compared to Undersea though.  Together was a collection of alternate versions of songs from Burst Apart, along with one unreleased track from those sessions and a completely unnecessary cover of “VCR” by The xx.  Together just didn’t bring a lot new or interesting to the table, other than maybe the addition of Nicole Atkins vocals on the Burst Apart track “Hounds”.  Undersea, on the other hand, is a cohesive collection of four new tracks in a nice little package.
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LxListening: It Shall Be Released

being patient for the new music to be released in 2012

Recently there has just been a slew of “unreleased music” that has been dropped onto the inter-webs. A lot of it is clearly intentional, I suppose to probably get the public interested and eager for the artist’s new material that is about to drop. But whether it is because of song leakage (Antlers), announcement videos (Cat Power), or the artists just straight-up releasing a single/video months before the new album drops (M.I.A/Dirty Projectors), all of the below tracks are out and available for a listen. If these tracks are any implication for the rest of their respective albums, we are in for a real treat in late 2012. So in honor of our “Best of the Year … So Far” lists, here is a little taste of what I have been listening too lately, and what we have to look forward to for the remainder of the year.
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