Tune Test Tuesday: Album Covers

album cover quiz

A few Thursdays back we posted our top ten favorite album covers. As this was a fun list to do, I thought it would also be fun to incorporate a quiz to go along with it. Albeit a little late, I give you our first album cover quiz. As per usual, we know it’s easy to find answers to these questions with the interwebs already at the tips of your finger tips, but in the words of the infamous Ron Dubach (if you don’t know who that is I am sorry … for you, not for the reference) “Cheaters stink like skunks!” Onto the quiz:
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Fifty Licks: 50 Songs for 50 Years | 50-31

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While Little by Listen is certainly small in name and stature, that doesn’t mean we can’t assemble a huge list. All three of us have had a long love for the Rolling Stones, and with their 50th Anniversary this year(a milestone reached by only an elite few) , it sort of lends itself clearly to a top 50 songs list. So while Time is releasing a commemorative book for the Stones this week and there is even a 50th anniverary tour to come, nothing says legendary like a LxL top 50 list for your band. Yesterday, we brought you the best five Stones albums, today we bring you Fifty Licks.

Songs 50-31 | 30-11 |10-1

50. “Moonlight Mile”


One of their best album closers (beside maybe “Salt of the Earth”), “Moonlight Mile” closes Sticky Fingers  on a gracious note, a song also brilliantly covered by the Flaming Lips live.
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