Andrew Bird: Fever Year Review

Andrew Bird: Fever Year

Directed by: Xan Aranda

Andrew Bird: Fever Year documentary review

One of the more prolific artists in recent years has been Andrew Bird, the Chicago singer/songwriter/violinist who has flood the music scene with almost obsessive touring and eight albums in the last decade. A week ago, my wife and I caught a director’s screening of Fever Year, a documentary about Bird. Although over a year after its debut, the film never was widely released and still remains unavailable on DVD per Bird’s request. But while only currently available to see through screenings, the film gives some very interesting snapshots into the life and ethic of this unique artist.
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Sigur Rós Review: Inni

Sigur Rós

Sigur Ros Inni, Live Album

Six years ago, Todd and I skipped class to head to Chicago to catch U2 and Sigur Rós, two spiritually-charged bands, on back-to-back nights. Sitting behind us at the Sigur Rós show was a group of eight twenty-something’s that had traveled fifteen hours from Denver just for the show. After a truly awe-inspiring performance from the Icelandic quartet, I turned around to find these weary travelers embracing with tears of joy rolling down each and every one of their faces. Following any other show, I would find this extremely weird, but following a show with as much emotional pulp as Sigur Rós provides, it somehow felt appropriate.

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