Weak List Wednesday: Top 5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2013



The above picture is a perfect microcosm of how we felt about the albums on our short list today.  We were all excited to some extent or another about each of the disappointing albums found below.  In fact, three of the albums below were on our list at the beginning of the year for the Top Ten Most Anticipated Albums of 2013.  If you look at that list you will see we definitely have some fine-tuning to do in our decision-making of where to place expectations.  I think it may be time to temper expectations so that they are actually exceeded once or twice in 2014.  Enjoy the short list and let us know which albums you found to be the most disappointing in 2013.

5. The Weeknd – Kiss Land

kiss land

After a really solid stretch, The Weeknd went on to release this absolute snoozefest in 2013.  With the only collaboration on the album being with Drake, it stands to reason The Weeknd should have gone a little farther outside his comfort zone on Kiss Land.  
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The Strokes Review: Comedown Machine

The Strokes
Comedown Machine

The Strokes, Comedown Machine, album cover art

Somewhere in the flood of good music that came about as a result of The Strokes’ post-punk garage-rock revival, people began to forget about The Strokes themselves. In 2001 they were a breath of fresh air to the music world as they released us from the chains of 90’s boys bands and wuss-rock like the Gin Blossoms. They brought back new wave, fuzz, and not giving a shit all in one fell swoop. Now when they release an album people shrug their shoulders, which is somewhat ironic since Julian Casablancas was the one who taught us how to shrug again in the first place. Even as early 2006, after the release of very good third album, I remember wondering why people had already seemed to not care about them as much. And yes First Impressions of Earth WAS actually good. Sure, they have a formula and they stick to it, but I commend them for that. I really love the seemingly simple yet quite intricate way they execute their songs. So after struggling more than usual to find greatness in their new release, I still have found enough victories in Comedown Machine to find it enjoyable.

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