Radiohead RMX Review


1234567 (King of Limbs Remixed)

People seemed to really have split opinions on Radiohead’s most recent efforts, King of Limbs. Those who weren’t excited about it complained that it was too similar to Thom’s solo work, or that it wasn’t innovative enough for Radiohead, or even just too electronic. Wes and I split hairs over this album. Below I posted my facebook message response to Wes’ complaints for the album. I edited it a little bit so not to offend anyone. Please feel free to fill in the blanks:

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Radiohead is busy…

5/6ths of the contingency here at LxL are diehard Radiohead fans (with 4/6ths of that being full endorsements from Todd and I, and just 1/6th additionally for Austin since only half of Radiohead’s music agrees with him).

But with the majority of us being all about Radiohead, we were excited to see tons of new Radiohead news.
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