The 10 Best Pharrell Tracks

LxL_TopTenThursdays_900x300Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh arrive at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
I’m not sure there are more than five artists with whom you can make a better party playlist with than Pharrell Williams.  I’m talking 30-40 songs that will guarantee a good time for an energetic party.  Artists that come to mind are Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kanye, Jay-Z and maybe a few others could be in the running, but even then the catalog of Pharrell may take the cake.

Pharrell has obviously had a huge year, with three smash hits in “Get Lucky”, “Happy”, and “Blurred Lines”.  What’s amazing is that only one of those tracks was able to crack our top ten list.  Pharrell is unique in many different ways, but what may make him the most unique is his uncanny ability to add that something extra that makes a song a hit.  Whether it is on the production side or in front of a microphone, Pharrell makes everything he touches a little bit better.  Enjoy the list, and have fun appreciating Pharrell with us.

10. “She Wants to Move” – N.E.R.D.

I’m not even going to address this song directly (it is great), but instead use this opportunity to let everyone know how annoying it is to correct someone when they call N.E.R.D. “nerd”.  It is also annoying to be the perpetrator of this mistake, but let’s all just leave it alone.

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Lana Del Rey – Born to Die Review

Lana Del Rey
Born to Die

From the very get-go, people questioned Lana’s legitimacy. She seemed like a great catch at first, but she was only a YouTube sensation without a full album. Her voice is deep and dark, and has this classic feel to it that catches your attention instantly. Meanwhile, the music backing her is almost more intriguing than her voice. Hip/hop beats, beautiful baroque orchestration, and sadcore synth stylings all fused together. Because she seems so original, and seems to have a stunning voice paired with such dynamic music production, it catches people off guard, and they gravitate towards it instantly. On the surface this seems great, and in some ways, it really is. However, if you’re digging for substance you may come up a little empty handed. Nonetheless, the album hit it big on the charts, topping at #2 in the US, and selling about as well across the rest of the globe which garnered her overrated reviews by the “indie” critics and famously positive reviews by the “label” critics. Playing out exactly as expected if you break this down.
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The Nawlins Experience: A Musical Journey Down by the Bayou

Two/Thirds of Little by Listen (Todd and I) headed down to the land of jazz, gumbo, and downright debauchery for New Years this year, and one of the biggest highlights was the sounds heard around the city, both inside and out. If you have been to New Orleans, you know that every corner you turned, is filled with a new tune, from jazz to funk to even folk.

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