The 10 Best Conor Oberst Songs


The 10 Best Conor Oberst Songs


Fellow LxLer Austin wrote here earlier this week about how Conor Oberst’s Upside Down Mountain is a return to form of sorts, with the Omaha singer/songwriter utilizing his strengths and not worrying about his weaknesses. Now, we give you our 10 favorite Conor songs, regardless of project. That means Desaparecidos, Monsters of Folk, his solo work, and of course Bright Eyes, were all considered for this list. We also considered songs off of Upside Down Mountain, though due to our lack of a quality time with the album, none of the new songs made the list. So without further ado, the 10 best Conor Oberst songs according to LxL.


(P.S. Looks like we got scooped by Paste by a day, who also ran their version of this list yesterday.)
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Craig Finn Review: Clear Heart Full Eyes

Craig Finn

Clear Heart Full Eyes

Craig Finn's Clear Heart Full Eyes Album Cover

So you caught me. I’m actually reviewing this album because I love the title so much since the wife and I have been watching heavy doses of Friday Night Lights. Even though I really love a couple Hold Steady albums (the primary band that Craig Finn reigns from), their last couple albums didn’t exactly strike excitement out of me as Craig Finn’s sing-talk can wear on you over time. For those who don’t know, The Hold Steady are hailed by some as “The Best Bar Band in America”, as their brand of guitar-driven classic rock mixed with Tad Kubler, Craig Finn, and Franz Nicolay’s balls-to-the-wall playing style makes for a really fun live show. Finn in a very Springsteen-ian way, interweaves stories of troubled boys and girls in America (a la the album, Boys and Girls in America), with lines of great insight and some of great humor.  This makes for an odd but alluring mix of straight-forward rock mixed with complex and often poetic story-telling.
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Bright Eyes Show Review

Bright Eyes
Santa Barbara Bowl
Santa Barbara, CA

One of the best things about Conor Oberst is his unpredictability, and when I say this, I mean this in almost every facet of his music. In just the past three years alone, Conor has played tours and recorded albums with three different bands, taken on many different genres of music, all while also being on some highest of the highs, and lowest of the lows of his career. One thing that you can always seem to predict, however, is the high quality of his music.
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