Top Ten Thursday: Food & Drink Edition – Part II

Best Drink Songs

To prepare you for the annual feast that is Thanksgiving, we thought it would be fun to give you the best songs about food and drink. Last week, Austin gave the amusing food list, and now I try to pick up the hot MIC with the drinks lists. Obviously, musicians tend to favor Grandpa’s Old Cough Medicine over other beverage options, but the list we came up with is wonderfully diverse, covering soda, coffee, juice, milk, and yes, a few adult beverages. Now, sit back, and drink in the ten best drink songs.
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Top Ten Thursday: Tracks to Get You Ill – In Memory of MCA

Beastie boys, mca, adam yaunch, died, dies, passes, adam mca, amazing

The creators of a new bread of hip hop, re-innovators of the sample, and the only reason Brooklyn ever became cool in the first place. The Beastie Boys launched their debut album in 1986, and they have been rhymin & stealin ever since. In fact, “Rhymin & Stealin” itself (the opening track off their debut album, License to Ill ) does a pretty good job of describing The Beasties. There is no better move to make you seem like a badass than using the drum intro to Led Zeppelins “When the Levee Breaks” as the intro to you opening song on your debut album. If the rumors are true, they are still being sued over some of the samples used in both License to Ill as well as Paul’s Boutique.
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