Bonnaroo 2015 Recap In Full


I’mmmm bacckkkkk! This is Riley Johnson, fellow friend and festival attender of LxL’s Wes, Austin, and Todd. After I attend Bonnaroo, and as is now tradition here at LxL,  I like to quickly recap the experience with a full 1-sentence review of each act I was able to see over the wonderful weekend (Todd filled in on any I might have missed that he happen to catch as well).

Last year, I had my Bonnaroo wristband purchased, my line-up all planned out, and my baby powder and chaffing cream packed away! Sadly, life got in the way and I was unable to make the trip to the farm. However, 2015 brought a new day and I jet-setted back from California to hoof it down to Manchester, Tennessee with some of my best friends. Bonnaroo was not top heavy this year, but it definitely was one of the best festivals I have seen from start to finish. There was a consistent flow of quality, weirdness, and crunk to keep you on your toes. You won’t get my favorite or my worst, but you will get a beautiful little one sentence take on every act I saw over the 4-day brain freeze known as Bonnaroo:
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