10 Best Scottish Music Acts (aka The Highest Music From the Highlands)

best Scottish music acts

With the release of the highly anticipated second Chvrches record, Every Open Eye, we thought we would look at our favorite acts from the Highlands, good old Scotland. When doing the list, we were pleasantly surprised with how teeming Scotland has been with independent talent. So here are our 10 favorite from Scotland Yard.


10. Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbitt
Until sitting down to write this list, I had no idea Frightened Rabbit had been around so long (since 2003 or so).  I kind of thought their 2011 ep and subsequent album, State Hospital, were their beginnings, so to speak.  I’m almost less impressed now, as those were some of my favorite listens back then.  Continue reading “10 Best Scottish Music Acts (aka The Highest Music From the Highlands)”

LxListening: Rainy Road Trips

rain on the windshield

As a last minute road trip from Chicago to PA happened upon a friend and I yesterday, it gave me ample time for some good listening this week. What was also fun was playing some tracks for my friend, and hearing her reaction and preferences to them. Here were some of my and her favorites from a pool of some recent releases that also helped fit the mood of a rainy day on the road.

Baths – “Miasma Sky”

Baths’ bright tunes and dark lyrical undertones were the perfect combination for a rainy, but fun 6+ hour drive.
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