Sleigh Bells Review: Bitter Rivals

Sleigh Bells
Bitter Rivals
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Sleigh Bells may not ever go down as one of the best bands of this musical generation, but dammit if this Brooklyn spawned two piece isn’t one of the more fun acts around. Their music is loud. It’s punchy. And it’s infectious. When first hitting the scene with Treats, Sleigh Bells’ sound was brilliant, new, and fresh. Following up with Reign of Terror, without changing their sound, they were able to continue to garner praise and expand their fan base. Now with the release of their third album Bitter Rivals, they are once again able to hang on to that signature high octane, overdriven sound. But will their still-young audience stay interested?
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LxListening: I Don’t Like It Unless It’s Brand New

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The irony in the title of course is that the song “Brand New” by Rhymefest ft. Kanye West is now almost five years old. Nonetheless, here are some of my favorite actual new tracks for your weekend that have all been getting some heavy play time in my headphones lately:

Sleigh Bells – “You Don’t Get Me Twice”

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