The Smashing Pumpkins Review: Oceania

The Smashing Pumpkins


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One confession before I jump into this review: I have pretty much tuned out to anything Billy Corgan has done since he left the Smashing Pumpkins to release Mary Star of the Sea, with his new band at the time, Zwan. Why is this? Partially, it’s because the Zwan project lacked the punch and ingenuity of the Pumpkins, but also, everything I heard from Corgan through his music and through his words made me want to keep away. From all the anecdotes I have heard about the guy, it sounds like he is one of the more unlikable people on the planet. From all of the other original Smashing Pumpkins all hating him at this point, to relaunching the band with only one of the other original members, Jimmy Chamberlain, for what was pretty strictly a cash grab with the 2007 release of Zeitgeist, to various personal and critic anecdotes I have heard about his despicability in person, I have wanted little to do with the guy’s music.
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Screaming Females Review: Ugly

Screaming Females


Screaming Females, Ugly, album cover, cover art

From the first snare hit, Ugly explodes and continues to be as loud and in your face as a Jersey woman, minus the spray tan and facelift. The New Jersey group masters many diverging genres, yet still finds a way to make it their own brand of loud and ugly punk rock. Yes, the album name drop was intentional.
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