Top Ten Thursday: The 10 Best Rainy Day Songs



It is still Thursday, so this is still a Top Ten Thursday.  It is also spring, and thus the time for rain.  And tornadoes.  And hail.  But mostly a lot of rain.  So why not craft a soundtrack for the perfect rainy day listening experience.  As a warning, we were more literal with this particular list, instead of mood oriented, so its a bit of a hodge podge of styles.

Noticeably missing, unfortunately, is the classic Live track “Lightning Crashes”, and for that we sincerely apologize.  It’s just that nothing kills our writing mood more than any mention of placenta.  Enjoy the list.

10.  “Rain On a Highway” – Daughn Gibson

daughn gibson, gun,

You can just feel Daughn Gibson’s past as a truck driver seeping through on this song.  Headlights on. Windshield wipers beating back and forth.  Rain on the the highway.  Done deal.
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