LxListening: So 2000 and Late (Part 2)

LxListening iconyou're so 2000 and late
This time of year, everyone (including us at LxL) are terribly obsessed with creating “end of the year lists”. Not only is it a fun topic of conversation and heated debate, but I also think it is appropriate because it is a good way to categorize eras of music. However, part of me always has a problem with the rush of the “end of year lists”. With the amount of music that comes our way in a year these days, it is hard not to miss a few things here and there. This is why last year I posted a LxListening reflecting on the songs of the year prior. For this year I am going to stick with the concept, but switch to albums. These are all albums that are now staples of mine. They have made my “go to” list of albums that will forever be tagged in my library as favorites, yet last year at this time, I’d hardly even listened to them (or in some cases, had not listened to them at all). In no particular order:
Death Grips – The Money Store
death grips - the money store
The fact that this album was not even on my radar last year is almost depressing to me. Since really discovering The Money Store this past spring, it has been a staple for me in many moods and atmospheres … especially ones that involve extreme thrashing of any kind.
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Top Ten Thursday: Bob Dylan’s Ten Best Albums

picture of bob dylan, smoking, awesome
Bob Dylan. The uncontested poet laureate of rock n’ roll. Nearly no man has contributed more to music in the course of his lifetime, and certainly no man has contributed more words. Fifty years after his debut, Dylan’s release of his newest album Tempest (released on 9/10) marked his thirty-fifth studio release. Thirty-five albums and not a single one of them has an album cover that is worth a damn. Most of the covers are just a sad-sacked face or an illustration of the same. Ok, actually I find most of them to be pretty cool, but still, he could stand to be a bit more humble. Cover art aside, the content of the album is all we really care about, and the content is gold. It’s hard to deny that his early career seems to trump the latter. Not that his more modern material isn’t good, but he just seemed to have peaked a bit early. Plus Dylan not only has one of the more prolific music careers of any living artist, but he has also went through many different sounds and phases. From folk, to rock, to blues, to christian, to country, Dylan has really done most everything. He will forever go down as one of the absolute “greats”, and here is our list of what we think are the greatest albums of “the greats”.
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Weak List Wednesday: Top 5 Albums of The Rolling Stones

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This week marks the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest bands of all time forming to make some of the best, most memorable music ever. The Rolling Stones originally joined together in 1962, marking them as early competitors with The Beatles, and one of the few bands that could actually give them a run for their money in terms of quality of music, influence of music, and overall badassness of music. The remainder of this week, LxL is choosing to remember, praise, and love on the Stones for their 50th b-day. So sit back and enjoy our first Stones post of the week, as we journey through our favorite albums of one of our favorite classic bands:
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