Matthew E. White Review: Big Inner

Matthew E. White

Big Inner

Matthew E. White Big Inner album cover art

Every year, in late December or early January, I find a debut album that slipped past me until it’s too late in the year to be included in my year-end top ten list. It’s amazing how every year it’s been a near certainty that this happens. In 2009, it was Antlers’ Hospice, in 2010, it was Lower Dens’ Twin Hand Movement, last year it was Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s self-titled debut, and finally, this year it is Matthew E. White’s sweet and soulful Big Inner.
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Individual Best of 2012 Lists

Twin Shadow Confess Best Album of 2012 cover artEl-P Cancer 4 Cure Best Album of 2012 cover arttame impala, lonerism, album, cover, art

We gave you are collective Top 20 songs and albums of 2012 yesterday, but here are our separate lists:
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LxL’s Best Albums of 2012

Top 20 Best Albums of 2012 including El-P, Jack White, and Fiona Apple

2012 turned out to be a pretty great year in music.  I think all three of us would agree the offerings in 2012 were deep in really good albums, without many albums rising to the level of true greatness.  That being said, I think I would rather have a pool of 60-80 really good albums come out in a year than 9-10 great albums.  Around here, we like variety, and we certainly got it this year.  There was a surprisingly surge of good hip-hop released in the second half of the year (Killer Mike, Nas, Meek Mill).  There was the long-awaited return of all-timer female singer songwriter types (Fiona Apple, Cat Power, Regina Spektor).  And there were also several much-anticipated sophomore wide releases (Sleigh Bells, Tame Impala, Beach House, Twin Shadow).  All in all, there may not have been a lot of perfect albums this year, but it was still a great year in music.  Enjoy the top 20.
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Friday Folly’s: Premature Evaluations

^Notice that hasn't quite been flipped yet ...
^Notice that hasn’t quite been flipped yet …

So here we are on this, the last day of November, and I must say that I have found myself a bit confused. By the looks of things on some of my favorite music sites, you would think that tomorrow would be the beginning of a new year, not the beginning of a new month. This is because some sites have deemed it necessary to begin throwing out their “End of the Year” lists already. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me a good “End of the Year” list. We at LxL in fact did one last year, and we will do one again for the end of 2012. But that is just it, we will wait until the end of the year. My problem is the fact that this year still has 31 days left in it, and for people to be spouting what this years best ANYTHING is at this point, just seems a bit premature.
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