Top Ten Thursday: The Sounds of Winter

Wes as a wee cub

We at LxL are men for all seasons, and winter is no exception.  Oh, wait, Todd lives in the concrete jungles of Cali where the weather rarely dips below 60.  That’s alright, he is still an Indianaananaan (not really sure how to write that, or say it for that matter) at heart.  Here are our top ten albums of winter. Enjoy.

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Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Review: Mirror Traffic

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
Mirror Traffic
Being born in 1986, I was not privy to the faces of the independent music scene until many years after the band Pavement helped break it into popularity. When I discovered that there was indeed other music in the early 90’s other than Gin Blossoms and whatever 14 wonderful tracks graced the silver lining under the orange and slightly less orange rings to mySpace Jam soundtrack, I was shocked … and thrilled!  I didn’t have to listen to “Hey Jealousy” for the 800th time.

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