Bonnaroo 2012 Lineup Analysis

Bonnaroo 2012 Music Festival

The 11th Bonnaroo Music Festival is set to take place in no man’s land Tennessee (Manchester, to be exact) from June 7th-10th, and is locked and loaded in terms of the lineup. The lineup was revealed yesterday, and here are our initial thoughts.
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Our Fearless Grammy Recap

Adele sweeps Grammys

Last year, “Music’s biggest night” was an attempt to pull the award show out of the dark ages by, for once, giving the Album of the Year award to the most deserving nominee, Arcade Fire’s sprawling concept album The Suburbs. So the question this year, is would they continue to get things right? Award shows, and the Grammys more specifically, should never be given too much credibility since they are often run by a group of people who have a conflict of interest (in this case, The Recording Academy, consisting of primarily music execs from record companies) and thus the awards can often be used as more promotion than recognition of what was truly the best.  One peek through the nominees and you can see this year’s Grammys by no means captures the best music of 2012. This is partially due to music is more diversified than ever, and thus its fairly difficult to decide on the best in an industry so wide and sprawling, no matter how many categories there are (79 this year, down from 108 last year). But mostly, it’s just because the people voting are out-of-touch and view commercial success as the primary indicator of musical greatness.
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