Father John Misty Review: A Fox Less His Fleet, But Not Less the Music

Father John Misty
Fear Fun

album cover art for father john misty joshua tillman solo album fear fun ex fleet fox

Long before Joshua Tillman moved to Hollywood and took on the persona of Father John Misty, he was drumming for a little band known as Saxon Shore. Saxon Shore is a small post-rock instrumental 4-piece band that had the ability to put on some pretty insane shows. I remember seeing them my first year of college in Ball State University’s student center cafeteria. They left quite the impression, but I hardly heard from them again after that show. After he left Saxon Shore, he moved to Seattle, and began pursuing his solo career. Luckily for Joshua, Damien Jurado got his paws on one of Josh’s tapes and asked Josh to join him on a small tour, in which he was mostly not cared for. It was after that tour he joined up with his most promising musical venture to date, Fleet Foxes. Two masterful albums, a stunning EP, a few tours, and many praises later, he left the Fleet to re-pursue his solo career yet again, but this time with a new name, a new attitude, and a totally new sound. Even though Fleet Foxes seem to still be only growing by the minute in popularity, Joshua felt Father John busting from every pore of his body and couldn’t wait any longer to release him to the world. So he packed his things, moved down to Hollywood, and as a result, we are now blessed with Fear Fun.
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Chairlift’s Brilliant New Music Video … Watch/Play It NOW!

Remember those choose your own adventure books that were popular for 30 seconds when we were kids? Maybe they stuck around a bit longer for some of you, but I hated them. Too much page flipping around. Plus I’d always end up reading both options in advance just to see which one I’d rather do anyway. This induced headaches and futher frustration until I just couldn’t take the books anymore. Sorry Goosebumps, you “jumped the shark” with that one. The concept was there and great, but the execution had no follow through. I had always thought that it would be cool to see that done in film to some degree, but would be extremely difficult and would leave people with the same frustration and annoyances.
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