2013 Oscar Predictions: Want vs. Reality

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In reality, The Oscars are just another BS award ceremony, but for some reason they are held in high regard; much more than other award ceremonies. When it comes down to it though, like most things in life, The Academy’s final decision is usually based on politics, money, and friends. A few years ago, the category for Best Film was widened from five nominations to ten. If that isn’t a telling sign of what the Oscars are really used for ($$$), I don’t know what is. Also, the simple fact that Stanley Kubrick never won an Oscar in his lifetime, or that Three 6 Mafia won the award before Martin Scorsese, tells you something of the ceremony’s legitimacy. The mere fact that the goal of the award is to pit films against each other based on the year they were released doesn’t make sense when you really think about it. But,all these things aside, it’s still fun to make predictions even if you only end up upset afterward (and then return to your stance of declaring how worthless the award actually is).  So I’ve decided to make some predictions, and by way of completely ripping off a post I saw on Paste this morning.  I didn’t dive into as many awards as they did because I either hadn’t seen enough movies in the respective category to do so or didn’t care enough about the category to list it, so my views are a bit different and a bit less legit. Nonetheless, here is what I think will happen, and what should happen this Sunday.
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Coachella 2012 Review

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^^Incredible Lineup, Meh Festival

How does one review a Coachella? It is hard because you are taking a weekend that is very much a personal experience that involves close friends, music, and the good times you create (or don’t). Some people go to try and catch as many concerts as possible in three days. Some merely use it as an opportunity to explore how many drugs they can fill their body with in three days. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. Some people go for the art. Some people probably just go for their friends. Teenagers go to fit in or to look like a rebel. Old farts go to feel young and seem hip. I even heard Bear Grylls showed up to film an episode of Man vs Festivals in order to properly demonstrate exactly how to drink copious amounts of alcohol in 108 degree weather without dying (I think the trick had something to do with mixing every drink with pickle juice). Personally, I only go for the Ferris wheel.
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