AlunaGeorge Review: Body Music


Body Music

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AlunaGeorge’s “You Know You Like It” came out in 2011, and I believe I featured it on one of my very first LxListening entries.  Since that time, I have probably listened to the track at least a hundred times.  “Your Drums, Your Love” was featured by us as the #20 best song of 2012 after coming out in December of that year.  Anybody that’s been following AlunaGeorge should also be familiar with “Attracting Flies”, “Bad Idea”, and “Just a Touch”.  Out of the 14 tracks on Body Music, I was intimately familiar with five of those tracks, arguably five of the strongest tracks on the album.

So, I’m at a conundrum that I would like to call the “Cruel Summer” conundrum.  The imperative question is this:  Due to the best portions of the album already being “old hat”, is the album still viewed as a solid effort or anticlimactic in nature?  I think it depends on the album, and in the case of Body Music, I think the wait was still worth it.
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