Adult Jazz “Springful” Review

Adult Jazz "Springful" Review

One of the most interesting new bands to come out of the summer is Adult Jazz, the young Leeds experimental pop quartet that just released their debut, Gist Is. While I thought about covering the entire album here, the nature of this album is I think it’s going to take 20 more listens to figure out where I truly stand on it, since it’s so jam-packed with twists and turns I have had a hard time deciding whether I like it or whether it’s a bit too much. The song “Springful” however is the instant exception.
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Sasquatch 2013 Recap: Finding the Mythical Creature

Sasquatch 2013 Lineup Poster

Something magical happened to me this weekend. I found Sasquatch (or as we like to call it in the Midwest, Bigfoot). However, I am not talking about the mythical (or extremely real and terrifying) creature. I am talking about this glorious stage located on the beautiful gorge in George, Washington.

The Gorge, Sasquatch 2013
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LxListening: Falling Through the Cracks

missed music of 2012

Throughout the year, we at LxL try hard to stay up on the latest in music and especially the stuff that we here friends and the music community buzzing about. But still, there is always tons of great music that falls through the cracks, and every December and bleeding into the following year, I am always catching up with the wonderful albums I missed. Here are five songs from five albums I discovered this month that could land among my favorite of 2012.
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Top Ten Thursday: Best New Artists of 2012

Carly Rae Jespen, hot, new artist
‘Cmon, we all know she should be #1

Last year, EMA, Cults, Yuck, and A$AP Rocky headlined our list of best new artists.  For the most part, the break out artists of 2011 toured to support their 2011 material in 2012, hitting the festival circuit particularly hard.  And by the stipulations we determined this year, a couple of the artists wouldn’t have even been eligible (The Weeknd & A$AP).  For this year’s list we explicitly only allowed artists who released their first proper studio album within the calendar year, unfortunately disqualifying artists such as Grimes, Ab-soul, and Schoolboy Q.  In addition, previous mixtapes do not prohibit an artists eligibility, allowing Frank Ocean and Meek Mill to be eligible despite extensive previous exposure.  These guidelines were not decided on lightly and may be changed for future lists, but we wanted to define this category as narrowly as possible.

Its debatable whether this year’s crop is as strong, but there have been plenty of new artists to break onto the scene.  Several artists of note also missed the list, but you’ll just have to hit the jump to see who.  Enjoy, and as always, let us know who we omitted, forgot, or shouldn’t have included.
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NME: British Homerism or Different Tastes?


I was originally going to piggy-back on Todd’s post from a couple weeks back dealing with premature “Best of 2012” lists for my post today.  The premise was not going to be so much ripping on the websites (Paste, NME, etc.) that released premature lists, but to try to identify current musical trends, and to some degree the sites’ biases and inclinations.  As with many of my ideas for posts, they start in one place and end up somewhere completely different, or more focused on a particular topic.

When looking at NME’s (which stands for New Musical Express for the uninitiated) list, what struck me more than anything was the amount of British artists in the Top 20 that I was unfamiliar with.  British artists Alt-J, Jake Bugg, The Maccabees, The Cribs, Toy, and Tribes all appeared in the Top 20.  What I decided to do was investigate whether some of these artists being in the Top 20 is a result of British homerism (as NME is a British publication), or whether American sites which I follow more closely are failing to keep tabs on lower-profile British acts.
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