The 10 Best Cameron Crowe Music Moments



This Friday marks the release of Aloha, the highly-anticipated new movie from Cameron Crowe, with the world wondering if he got his mojo back. The movie has maybe his best cast ever, a murderer’s row of A-list actors: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, the list goes on. My guess based on the trailers alone, is it’s probably going to be a heap of garbage, but I’m certainly hoping we get another great Cameron Crowe movie. For those unfamiliar, Cameron Crowe is a Rolling Stone music critic turned acclaimed director, mostly known for his 90’s and early 00’s movies (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous, Say Anything). As would be expected from a former music writer, his movies are full of iconic music moments, and for that, we salute him with our ten favorite Cameron Crowe music moments. (Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the clips for all of these, but I tried my best. Enjoy!)
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Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Ten Best Roles

Philip-Seymour-Hoffman, best roles
We try to stick to music around here, but when one of our all-time favorite actors dies far too soon, we must act. A quick look at the movies Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in is a murderer’s row of modern-day classics: Boogie Nights, Almost Famous, Magnolia, The Big Lebowski, Cold Mountain, Capote. Every movie Hoffman was in he nearly stole, no matter how small the part. In fact many of these roles on this list are smaller supporting roles. The fact of the matter is, he always seemed to be the most memorable character of any movie he was in. It was beautiful career, tragically cut short. Thanks for all great times PSH. Without further delay, our ten favorite Hoffman roles:

the big lebowski movie poster
Role: Brandt
Film: The Big Lebowsk

Mr. Lebowski’s friendly but sensitive butler Brandt couldn’t have been played any better than by Hoffman, whose uncomfortable smiles and laughs build a great comedic tension.

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Love Is A Mix Tape Review

Love Is A Mix Tape

Rob Sheffield

Love Is A Mixtape Book Review

I’m trying to make a point to read more in general, and specifically more music books since I think that helps me to really understand the thought and context around so much music. A few weeks ago I reviewed Elijah Wald’s classic reevaluation of rock history, How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll, and now I want to take on one of the more interesting rock memoirs with Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mix Tape.
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