Animal Collective Review: Centipede Hz

Animal Collective
Centipede Hz

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Like many other Animal Collective fans, I was introduced to the band by way of their album Feels. To be honest, after I first heard it, I don’t recall returning to the album until after Strawberry Jam had come out. Strawberry Jam was an album in which I particularly loved, thus necessitating a return to its predecessor. It was then I realized that “hey, these dudes have like 5 MORE albums before Feels!”, and I became a fan of parts of all of them. I say “parts” because to me Animal Collective albums usually have a way of being great on a track-by-track basis. Until Strawberry Jam, I feel they lacked an entire cohesively great album. Sure they had some killer tracks sprinkled about here and there, but they seemed to stick out like sore thumbs amongst the rest. Strawberry Jam and Merriweather Post Pavilion were large exceptions to this rule. Both albums from start to finish seemed to shine as prime examples of Animal Collective’s best work up until that point. Neither were home to tracks that belonged on anyone’s missed list. Unfortunately with Centipede Hz, it seems that Animal Collective has returned to their former strategy and dropped a few land mines on us.
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