LxListening: The Week That Was 02/05-02/10

david lee roth, looks like a girl
David Lee Roth or Tranny Goldie Hawn? You Decide, America

Ay yi yi.  When looking through the albums being released this week to decide what I was going to review, I was pretty disgusted by most of the options.  Wes already had Dr. Dog and wanted Sharon Van Etten for next week, and so I explored a new (to me) artist in Air, and was pleasantly surprised.  While making the decision to review Air’s new album though, I waded through some other albums/tracks of note.  Below you will find where my musical wanderings took me, much to my dismay, and a nice pallet-cleanser at the end if you actually listen to any of the first four songs.

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Air Review: Take a Breath


Le Voyage dans la Lune

air, le voyage dans la lune, cover, album, art

It has been a big year for Georges Méliès 1902 silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune.  The film was featured prominently in Martin Scorsese’s visually stunning, but substantively drab film, Hugo.  Le Voyage dans la Lune also has now been fully restored in order to be shown at film festivals.  Finally, Méliès film serves as inspiration for French electronica duo Air’s latest release, which shares the same name as the film.  I typically like to be at least somewhat familiar with an artist’s back-catalogue before I review a new release, but unfortunately I do not have the time to investigate previous releases by Air before this review.  So please note that I am reviewing Le Voyage dans la Lune without much of a frame of reference as to what Air is all about.  Here goes anyway.

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