Apocalypse NOW: The 10 Best Apocalyptic Tracks



Editors note: This originally published in 2013. With the release of the new Walking Dead spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead, we revisit one of our favorite lists, our ten favorite apocalyptic tunes.

We all love us some Edgar Wright (and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for that matter), so with the opening of The World’s End this weekend, we thought it appropriate to dig up the top ten apocalyptic songs.  A few words about The World’s End first though.  I am endlessly excited to see this movie, but it just has the worst title ever.  The title is not bad in and of itself.  It is descriptive.  It is succinct.  But unfortunately it is too similar to another apocalyptic comedy from earlier this summer (This Is The End) as well as a Pirates of the Caribbean poopcicle (At World’s End).  This obviously won’t effect the quality of the movie, but its a pet peeve of mine from a differentiation standpoint.

Now that all that is out of the way, enjoy these top ten tracks for the end of times.

10. Prince – “1999”

prince, apocalypse
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The 10 Best Sufjan Stevens Songs


I’m not sure there is a bigger enigma in music right now than Sufjan Stevens. His music output has been incredibly sporadic, but when he does release music, it pours out of him. I have nearly everything Sufjan has put out, and of the 245 songs in my iTunes, 65 are about Midwestern states, 14 about the Chinese New Year, 13 about a bridge, and 98 about Christmas. That only leaves 55 songs about everything else. Yet, with as strange of a catalog as this, there is no doubt Sufjan is one of the most talented and simply brilliant creative minds around today. Sisyphus, his latest project with Son Lux and Serengeti , combines playful rap, glitchy electronics, and Sufjan’s brilliant composition. We will likely tackle this album as a review royale next week, but for now, here are our ten favorite Sufjan songs.

Editor’s Note: This list was originally published in early 2014.
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LxListening: Fall’s Finest Tracks


LxListening's Finest Fall Tracks: M.I.A.

It’s been a surprisingly busy fall in terms of new music releases, and with a three-man crew, we have been unable to cover all the notable releases this fall. So in order to make up ground, I figure I would highlight five of my favorite tracks from this fall. So without further ado, here are some of my fall recommendations.
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Sufjan Stevens Christmas Review: Silver & Gold

Sufjan Stevens

Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Volumes 6-10


Christmas in America is a bit of an enigma when you think about it: you have a holiday originally characterized by the birth of Christ and a spirit of hope and unity in the world, but to this day, the holiday has become a bit complicated. It’s a time of giving and family, but it is also a time of unbelievable consumerism, lavish decorations, stress and arguments, not to mention a big-bearded man with a red coat slipping down our chimneys. Another enigma is Sufjan Stevens, a self-pronounced Christian who speaks about matters of the faith but not at all in the ways that most contemporary Christian artists do. Sufjan has a flair for hyper-literate and bizarre storytelling, complex and daring orchestration, and ambition out the wazoo. This is a guy who said he wanted to release an album about every state to only a few years later retract the statement saying that he didn’t believe in the album or song form anymore.  He has produced over 10 volumes and nearly 100 songs of Christmas music, wrote and directed a ballet, and has created everything from stripped-down folk albums to groundbreaking electro-pop. So it sort of makes sense that these two enigmas come together, and they do to mostly stunning results on Silver & Gold, volumes 6-10 of Sufjan’s Songs for Christmas.
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Top Ten Thursday: 2010 Albums in Retrospect

As we gear up for the conclusion of another memorable year in music and our upcoming 2011 Best-of lists, we thought it would be fun to turn back the clock to a year ago, and look at the greatest albums of 2010. However, as hindsight is crystal clear, we have adjusted our rankings based on how we feel now, so some albums that may not have made our list last year that grew on us may show up here and vice-versa.

1. Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cover Art

The polarizing rapper’s magnum opus; a sort of wonderful ride through the psyche of the conflicted artist. MBDTF challenges the idea of what a hip-hop record is with songs like “Runaway” and “Lost In The World”, and also has its fair share of big-time hits with songs like “Power” and “All Of The Lights”.
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