Dirty Projectors Review: Swing Lo Magellan

Dirty Projectors

Swing Lo Magellan

Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan album cover art

Simple honesty often goes far beyond any high concept or dramatization ever will. Dave Longstreth, frontman and creative force behind the ever-changing Brooklyn indie rock band Dirty Projectors, has seemingly figured that out on the band’s seventh album, Swing Lo Magellan. Longstreth has never had a shortness of ideas, with the Dirty Projectors being known for albums chock-full of interesting and elaborate concepts, from an entire album of reimagined and reinterpreted Black Flag songs in Rise Above, to a “glitch-opera” about Eagles frontman Don Henley that also tackles ancient mexico, post-9/11 America, and oil in The Getty Address. However, Swing Lo Magellan finally shows Dirty Projectors in the glorious height they have been building towards; a beautifully bombastic yet direct pop record bursting with creative touches around every corner.
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LxListening: Rains Down In Africa

African world music playlistNo this isn’t an all Toto list; no matter how much I’d love to do it and weird out the other two LxLers. After years of loving music influenced by African world music (Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Dirty Projectors), I finally decided to plunge in and just listen to the stuff myself. What I learned is it’s no doubt a blast to listen to especially as things begin to warm up here in May. So here are some of my favorites in terms of African world music finished off with some American artists who incorporate the stuff. This is admittedly tweener African music, but it’s what I’ve dug into and enjoyed at this point.
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Paul Simon Show Review

Paul Simon

IU Auditorium

Bloomington, IN


Paul Simon Live
Still Crazy Good After All These Years

Catching a music legend past their prime can be a mixed bag. The sheer presence of someone who has played such an important role in music history can be awe-inspiring, but often the performances fall quite flat and it can even be borderline sad seeing them as just a shell of who they used to be. Some legends seem to almost get better with age (Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young), while other’s  rock ‘n’ roll lifestyles have gotten the best of them over time (Bob Dylan, The Who).
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