Top Ten Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

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As Wes mentioned last week, we at LxL have a very strong love/hate relationship with Christmas music. Last week we focused on the rare Christmas gems that exist in music, so this week we decided to focus on the hate side of that relationship. Just as every sweet needs its sour, every Bing Crosby needs its Bryan Adams. Below are a few of the Christmas songs we loathe the most. The ones that really help induce a month of radio banishment, a lot of hair pulling as well as teeth cringing, and classic holiday depression/alcoholism. So below we give you our inspiration for wearing ear plugs until January 1st. Now let’s get scroogy! Onto the list:
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Top Ten Thursday: 90’s Knockouts

kurt cobain from the band nirvana, 90's band
Ohh, the nineties. How we all miss the “whatever, who cares” attitude you bestowed upon our generation. Baggy shirts, and even even baggier pants. The rebirth of “chucks” and a noisy, dirty, fuzzy new breadth of music that will never be forgotten. Not to mention other rarities in music that can never be replicated, and will always be legendary. Alanis Morissette may not have made the list, but her new release this week was the inspiration for it. Our criteria for the list was simple: nineties tunnel vision. This means that we had to block out any knowledge of anything that happened outside of 1990-1999. For example, the Beastie Boys were prevalent in the nineties, but how did their nineties material stack up against the rest? This list is for the bands that we felt left their strongest marks on the decade with no regard. As per usual, let us know if you agree.
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Check out one of our favorite commenter’s, John S., list of top ten Prince tracks. We will assuredly do one ourselves eventually, but John’s list is great to whet your whistle.


Prince’s time was the eighties and early nineties, and he, more than anybody – even Michael Jackson – symbolised the coming together of musical genres. Dance, rock, sweet soul, pop, metal, funk, rap. Black and white – no boundaries. Prince had it all, nothing contrived, just pure talent and invention. Live he was a true showman, in the tradition of Little Richard, James Brown, Sly Stone, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Michael J. Not a copyist, but a true original.  I’ve seen him a couple of times live.  The first time, at Wembley Arena in the round, in 1986, with a Red Corvette emerging from below the stage with Prince astride it, amongst other delights, goes down as my second favourite concert of all time (Bruce Springsteen, same venue 1981, gets top slot).

He’s still going, still playing brilliant shows.  He has a back catalogue to die for. And yet… he doesn’t…

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