Baths Song Review: “No Eyes” (aka: The New “Closer”)

“No Eyes”

Baths, Obsidian, album cover

Baths’ new album Obsidian has a lot to write home about. From the spastic, haunting album opener “Worsening” to the gentle, yet still chilling album closer “Inter”, the album is ripe with fresh new digital chill-wave tracks that seem light and fun on the outside, but are quite deep and dark at their core. The reasons I am choosing to only write about “No Eyes” are two-fold. First: It’s my favorite song on the album. Second: It seems to be an unmistakably homage to another classic favorite of mine, “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.
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Radiohead & Wu-Tang Surprise With A New Collaboration Track … And It Is Awesome

Wu Tang and Radiohead

We all know Radiohead is into changing up their sound once and again, but this may be his biggest venture from their original platform to date. The two acts are quite the combination; one masters of alternative/electronica rock music, one masters of hip hop, and the two worlds collide into an explosive mash-up of fantastic weirdness. You wouldn’t necessarily pin-point the two as a good combo, but wait until you hear this track. When you have this many brilliant minds working together it is hard to go wrong. Let’s dive right in and analyze after. Enjoy:
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The Knife Song Review: “A Tooth For An Eye”

The Knife

“A Tooth For An Eye”


The Knife’s upcoming album, Shaking the Habitual, came in as our seventh most anticipated album of 2013.  If the videos for the first two singles have anything to say, it is that The Knife is attempting to make some sort of a statement on sexuality and gender roles in our current society.  That is all well and good, but I’m concerned only with the music.  And while The Knife is in good company on our most anticipated list, I think the first two singles hint that maybe we should have ranked Shaking the Habitual a bit higher.
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Jim James “Know Til Now” Review

Jim James
“Know Til Now”

Jim James solo song review "Know Til Now"

There is no hiding the fact that we at LxL love Jim James and his Kentucky bearded brethren in My Morning Jacket. I was admittedly ecstatic when I heard that the long-awaited Jim James solo record was finally announced (called Regions of Light and Sound of God), which also came with the release of the album’s first single, “Know Til Now”. Jim James had previously released an EP (under the silly pseudonym Yim Yames) in tribute to my favorite Beatle, George Harrison, called Tribute To, which was full of stripped-down and southern-tinged Harrison covers. This new single couldn’t be more different from that solo material, as the song swings with an electro-soul swagger only to finish off with an instrumental jazz close.
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“F*ckin’ Problem” Song Review: A$AP Rocky (ft. 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar, & Drake)

I began writing some sort of weird farcical review for A$AP Rocky’s upcoming album, LongLiveA$AP.  The premise was the album has already been delayed twice (the first time for a month until October 31, and most recently to early 2013), and I was ultimately going to bitch and complain a lot about delayed albums and how that typically doesn’t bode well for the album.  In particular, it doesn’t bode well for an artist who hasn’t released a studio album yet and is the musical equivalent to a rookie quarterback in the NFL.  Sure, you saw him dominate in the lower ranks, but the jury’s out until we see where the big label influx of production money lands our Fabergé egg talent.

I decided to scrap above premise because I couldn’t exactly figure out what track to take with the whole thing.  Instead, I decided to do a big ole’ boring song review of a track that gives me hope that LongLiveA$AP  still has a legitimate chance to propel my favorite young unestablished hip-hop prospect into superstardom.
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