Nine Inch Nails Song Review: “Copy of A”

Nine Inch Nails

“Copy of A”

hesitation marks

Time for another entry in my bi-monthly Nine Inch Nails watch leading up to the release of Hesitation Marks on September 3.  A couple months ago I took a look at lead single “Came Back Haunted” and came away less than impressed, but still hopeful Hesitation Marks would turn out to be the triumphant return of Trent Reznor’s most celebrated musical project.  I think with the release of “Copy of A”, we can raise our expectation level a bit and trust we’ll get a solid product in a few weeks time.
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TV On The Radio – “Mercy”

TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio  Mercy, cover art, single

TV On The Radio has never been a band to stick to one distinct sound throughout their career. From avant garde noise rock to fast-paced electro funk, they have always done a good job of mixing things up. Their last album 9 Types of Light was the first of the band’s four albums that did not to receive extremely high acclaim. In my opinion that is wrongfully so. I found 9 Types of Light to be a highly underrated album. The sound played off of their previous effort, Dear Science but also incorporated a more simple, lighter approach. With no fifth album officially announced, nor in the works, yesterday they released for the first time a new studio song that have been touring with for a while now, “Mercy”.
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Kevin Gates Song Review: “4:30”

Kevin Gates


kevin gates 2

Louisiana has a solid history of hip-hop artists dating back to the late 90’s, when the rap landscape was pretty barren of anything redeemable.  When Ja Rule was at the top of the charts it was a very sad time in hip-hop, but there were a few great artists coming out of New Orleans:  Juvenile and Mystikal.  Neither artist was perfect, but both (particularly Mystikal) were using the sounds of their surroundings to do something interesting in hip-hop.  Lil’ Wayne carried the New Orleans torch following those two, to even larger success.  Is the next great Louisiana (I say Louisiana because Gates is actually from Baton Rouge) rapper going to be Kevin Gates?  Maybe.

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A Month Late But Still Great: Y.N. Rich Kids “My Bike”

Y.N. Rich Kids "My Bike" music video

The sequel to one of our favorite songs of last year, no wait…all-time, came out about a month ago, and we almost went without covering it. Minneapolis’ own Y.N. Rich Kids follow up “Hot Cheetos and Takis” with the obvious sequel, “My Bike”. The video is below to enjoy. Hope this helps you have a wonderful day.
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“Came Back Haunted” Song Review: Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails

“Came Back Haunted”

came back haunted

Nothing winds me up more than one of my favorite artists releasing a track to promote their upcoming album.  When that particular artist is Trent effing Reznor with his flagship vehicle, Nine Inch Nails, then all the better.  It has been five years since a proper NIN single, so when it was announced “Came Back Haunted” would be released in conjunction with the dates of the upcoming worldwide tour, I was foaming at the mouth.  Its not like Reznor has been idle these past five years, in fact he has been busier than ever scoring David Fincher films and recording with spousal side project How to Destroy Angels.  But NIN is what we all really want from Trent, so lets see how the new album, Hesitation Marks, is shaping up by way of evaluating the new single.
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