Adult Jazz “Springful” Review

Adult Jazz "Springful" Review

One of the most interesting new bands to come out of the summer is Adult Jazz, the young Leeds experimental pop quartet that just released their debut, Gist Is. While I thought about covering the entire album here, the nature of this album is I think it’s going to take 20 more listens to figure out where I truly stand on it, since it’s so jam-packed with twists and turns I have had a hard time deciding whether I like it or whether it’s a bit too much. The song “Springful” however is the instant exception.
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Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardener” Review

Courtney Barnett

“Avant Gardener”

Courtney Barnett

26-year-old Aussie Courtney Barnett brings a sound we haven’t heard for a while: street smart, radio-friendly rock music. Barnett’s first album, The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas, is actually two EPs smashed together, which is really just a collection of everything she has done up to this point. Something about this collection of EPs seems more honest and down-to-earth than the repackaged debut studio album. While I thought about covering the whole shebang, I thought I would focus on “Avant Gardener”, the best song on The Double EP, which sports a sound that’s both refreshing and reminiscent of growing up in the 90’s when the Lillith Fair music of Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair, and Shawn Colvin ruled the airwaves.
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Perfume Genius Song Review: “Queen”

Perfume Genius


mike hadreas

I was going to essentially just post the video for the lead single of the upcoming Perfume Genius album, Too Bright, and pretty much call it a day, but “Queen” is so exhilarating I had to at least write a few words.
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3 Great Things About “Turn Down For What”

Keep on keepin' on Lil' John.
Keep on keepin’ on Lil’ John.

I drive a lot for work.  And in the summer I drive a decent amount with my windows down.  With my windows down I am privy to hearing what a lot of people are listening to, as well as observe their reactions to whatever is blasting out of their stereo.  One song lately has been inescapable.  You know from the title of the post which song that is.  The thing is, I really like it.  It’s a shame “Turn Down For What” came out in 2013 or it would be knocking on the door of my top ten favorite tracks of 2014.  With all that said, hit the jump for three reasons I’m into this song.
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Dave Sitek Song Review: “God Damn Beauty”

Dave Sitek

“God Damn Beauty”

dave sitek

It’s always nice to hear something new from Dave Sitek, guitarist/keyboardist/producer/et. al. for TV on the Radio.  Along with his work with TVotR, Sitek has released solo material under the name Maximum Balloon, and produced tracks for everyone under the sun.  This is the first time I have seen him release a solo track under his own name, but I’m not positive that it is truly the first time he has done so.  No matter, of course, because everything Sitek touches is typically well above par.
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Timber Timbre “Hot Dreams” Review

Timber Timbre

“Hot Dreams”

Timber Timbre "Hot Dreams" Song Review

Fellow LxLer Austin always ribs me for being a “slave to the classics”, but more than a slave to the classics, I think I’m more a “slave to the classic sound.” Cue Toronto singer/songwriter Taylor Kirk aka Timber Timbre’s “Hot Dreams”, the title track off his latest and third album, which just released last week. Since the moment I heard this song, I’ve been absolutely taken by it.
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Black Keys Release New Track “Turn Blue”

black keys turn blue album cover art, track, song

Yesterday, The Black Keys released their second track from their upcoming album, Turn Blue. Which being the title track from the new album is also titled “Turn Blue”. “Fever”, the first track released from the upcoming album, seemed to fall a bit short of expectations due to its unimaginative lyrics and a bland music style that feels fairly old hat at this point. Where as “True Blue” slows things down to spin an eerie, slower groove from the Keys, that satisfies in almost every way. Check it out here:
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