Grand-Pappy Stolt’s Nearly Famous Review in 5 Words: Kanye West Edition

Grand-Pappy Stolts was a bit sore because he couldn’t attend the Kanye/Jay-Z show with Wes and I last weekend.  There was a dual excuse for the old man’s absence.  First, Grand-Pappy has a mortal fear of black people.  Ever since the civil rights movement, the old battleaxe has harbored a belief that large groups of minorities are “up to no good rabblerousers”.  Second, Grand-Pappy was certain he would fall down the “dangerously steep stairs and crack a hip”.

Either way, Grand-Paps thought he would contribute these words because “Keith West is one of the good ones” (Grand-Pappy doesn’t abide by those new-fangled names).

The Album:

Kanye, West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Cover, Art, Album

Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
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