How Music Works Review

David Byrne

How Music Works

how music works david byrne book review

The great Talking Heads front man David Byrne wrote the generically titled How Music Works late last year, but the book is anything but generic. Byrne has never released a auto-biography about himself or the band, but he coyly uses this book and the various subjects in the book to essentially give huge glimpses of his personal story. The title makes it sound like it may describe how music works from a physiological or neurological standpoint, but that’s obviously not Byrne’s expertise. His expertise however, as a 40-year music industry expert is to discuss all the external factors that affect the music that is made – including the venue, the recording process, technology, the trends, and much more.
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Love Is A Mix Tape Review

Love Is A Mix Tape

Rob Sheffield

Love Is A Mixtape Book Review

I’m trying to make a point to read more in general, and specifically more music books since I think that helps me to really understand the thought and context around so much music. A few weeks ago I reviewed Elijah Wald’s classic reevaluation of rock history, How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll, and now I want to take on one of the more interesting rock memoirs with Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mix Tape.
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