Chairlift’s Brilliant New Music Video … Watch/Play It NOW!

Remember those choose your own adventure books that were popular for 30 seconds when we were kids? Maybe they stuck around a bit longer for some of you, but I hated them. Too much page flipping around. Plus I’d always end up reading both options in advance just to see which one I’d rather do anyway. This induced headaches and futher frustration until I just couldn’t take the books anymore. Sorry Goosebumps, you “jumped the shark” with that one. The concept was there and great, but the execution had no follow through. I had always thought that it would be cool to see that done in film to some degree, but would be extremely difficult and would leave people with the same frustration and annoyances.
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Black Keys “Lonely Boy” Music Video…Awesome!

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Cover art for the Keys upcoming release

Via pitchfork, today the Black Keys have dropped a new single from their upcoming album, El Camino.  Further luck would have it that the new single, “Lonely Boy”, is accompanied by music video that can be exclusively found at LxL (complete lie).
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Hip Hop + Muppets = Total Disaster

Jim Henson must be rolling over in his grave.

Comedy Central for some reason green lit a total disaster of a pilot in Alligator Bootz: a puppets variety hour created by rap artists Kanye West and Rhymefest. The pilot of the show also includes reality star Kim Kardashian in a Star Wars ripoff skit, and looks like for once, the TV execs got it right by not airing this.

See the behind the scenes footage below.

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