Kanye West “New Slaves” Building Premiere Review

Kanye West "New Slaves" Building Premiere Review

For those who didn’t hear, this past weekend was a big one for Mr. Kardashian aka Kanye West. The divisive rapper announced the release of his sixth album Yeezus June 18th, played two new songs on Saturday Night Live, and most interestingly, debuted his first single “New Slaves” Friday night on buildings across the globe, everywhere from Berlin to Miami to Sydney, totaling 66 different screenings.

My wife and I just so happened to be downtown with a friend when we saw the buzz start to circulate online about the video premieres, and we looked online and found there was one coming in an hour that was only a mile from us. We had nothing better going on, so we headed on down to Six Points in Wicker Park to see what all the hub bub was about. Over the half hour leading up to the event, probably over 500 people circulated on 6 street corners, which is pretty insane in itself. It’s a testament to the power of Twitter (where Kanye announced the screenings) and to people’s yearnings for an experience.
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Triple Threat of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Songs

We at LxL are admittedly pumped about Justin Timberlake’s return to music with his upcoming album 20/20 Experience and upcoming tour with Jay-Z. To show our pumped-ness for the new JT, we figured we would drop the first three released songs in a post for your listening pleasure in case you haven’t caught them. Three songs because JT himself is a triple threat: singer, actor, and renaissance man.
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The Rolling Stones “Doom and Gloom” Video Might Make Your Head Explode

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Song: “Doom and Gloom”
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Headless Actress: Noomi Rapace

The Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom Video, noomi rapace
^You, after you watch this video.

Earlier this month, The Rolling Stones released yet another “greatest hits” compilation known as GRRR!. It came in 40-track, 50-track, and 80-track editions, but each one included two newly recorded songs. That’s right, The Rolling Stones are still making new hits 50 years after their creation. And to be honest, “Doom and Gloom” (the first of the two songs that was released) isn’t too bad. In fact it’s probably better than anything off their latest 2005 effort, A Bigger Bang. The video, albeit very weird and non-sensical, follows suit as well.

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The Black Keys vs RZA: The Baddest Music Video Alive

The Black Keys and RZA, The Baddest Man Alive, music video

The official soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists was dropped yesterday, as well as the music video for “The Baddest Man Alive” by RZA and The Black Keys. The soundtrack as well as the video are both incredibly badass, but because I essentially covered the all of the bases of soundtrack in last Friday’s LxListening, I decided to center todays focus on what should officially be known as “The Baddest Music Video Alive”.
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You Can Catch Me & My Crew Listening To “Hot Cheetos and Takis”

Hot Cheetos and Takis music video with yn rich kids

Time to get your face melted. Not from some wicked guitar lick or an outrageous drum solo, but from the crazy heat of all these Hot Cheetos and Takis. A northern Minneapolis YMCA put together a local Beats and Rhymes program for kids in the area. Not only has this program seemed to have taken off in the community, but it just helped launch one group of kids into the world of viral stardom with one song. After only 2 weeks of being uploaded to YouTube the video is garnering over a million hits, and I have a feeling that number will drastically increase within this next week.
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My Morning Jacket Release Video for “Outta My System” and It Will Blow Your Face Off … and/or Head

My Morning Jacket, mmm, release video, outta my system, zach galifianakis

It’s been over a year since My Morning Jacket’s last album Circuital was dropped, and luckily we are still reaping the benefits. Today was released a video so awe-strikingly fantastic, that it shouldn’t go unwatched by anyone. The video was directed by James Frost, probably best known for his groundbreaking work on Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video where he used 3D plotting to shoot the video rather than a camera. This video was a bit more of a classic style. Just your basic psychedelic drug-induced dream sequence, but one that somehow managed to include so many things that I personally love.
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“King Rides By” Video Review: Kicks Ass…or at least punches it

“King Rides By”

Cat Power

cat power smoking a cigarette

Rarely does the sports world collide Cat Power, and also with a LxL weekly theme around the same time.  In addition, the remix and video for “King Rides By” came out late last year around the time we were going on hiatus for the holidays, so I never got around to writing about it.
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