Radiohead is busy…

5/6ths of the contingency here at LxL are diehard Radiohead fans (with 4/6ths of that being full endorsements from Todd and I, and just 1/6th additionally for Austin since only half of Radiohead’s music agrees with him).

But with the majority of us being all about Radiohead, we were excited to see tons of new Radiohead news.
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Hip Hop + Muppets = Total Disaster

Jim Henson must be rolling over in his grave.

Comedy Central for some reason green lit a total disaster of a pilot in Alligator Bootz: a puppets variety hour created by rap artists Kanye West and Rhymefest. The pilot of the show also includes reality star Kim Kardashian in a Star Wars ripoff skit, and looks like for once, the TV execs got it right by not airing this.

See the behind the scenes footage below.

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