Introducing LxL 2.0


We’ve been doing this blog for over 2.5 years, and we have loved Little by Listen as an excuse to stay immersed in the music world, share our opinions, and converse with numerous people about an art form that is personal and meaningful to each of us. This hasn’t always been the finest operation (grammatical errors probably the most notable blunder of the bunch), but we are happy with what we have been able to contribute and the great discussions we have had. One place we have always felt fell short was our visual appearance, which no longer is the case.
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Radiohead Release New Album App: PolyFauna

radiohead app, polyfauna

Whoops! Apologies for the misleading headline, but I meant to type “App”. For some reason that just didn’t feel right when referring to a new release from Radiohead. However, as per usual, Radiohead broke new ground today with a new way to strike the fancy of their fans. PolyFauna. An app that was born from what the band decided the song “Bloom” would look like if it were a visual medium rather than a song. Here is what the ever-so wordy Thom Yorke posted on Dead Air Space, Radiohead’s website, this morning as the band’s announcement for the new app:
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Beck Releases New Single “Blue Moon” from Upcoming Album

“Blue Moon”
Beck-Morning-Phase, album cover, art, blue moon

We heard a small snippet of Beck’s newest single “Blue Moon” in his album preview video in which they cut the first vinyl of Beck’s upcoming album, Morning Phase. It was just a short minute and a half snippet of the song, but it immediately resonated as an instant Beck classic. Now Beck has released the full version of the song, and the initial love for the track that was seeded in our hearts with the preview has only grown.
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Outkast’s Return To Music: 1 Summer, 40 Festivals

Outkast, 2014, tour, 40 festivals

According to the dynamic hip hop duo’s webpage, the now near incognito legends have decided to take on a 20th Anniversary Tour. And what will this tour consist of? 40 stops at music festivals worldwide!
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Death Grips Release Yet Another Free Album

Death Grips
Government Plates
Death Grips, album, cover art Government Plates

Death Grips have yet again turned to the free space of the inter-webs as their medium of release for a new and unexpected album. This marks the second full LP the band has released online without prior notice, and I am guessing this will not be the last. They seem to give zero shits about maximizing profit on their music and rather focus on just being as in everyone’s face as possible lately. Apparently for them that means not showing up for shows to prove a point and releasing all of their music and videos online for free, so for that Death Grips (well at least the latter part) we thank you. Since this album was just dropped today, the review will have to come at a later date, but for now, go download the full album at the below link while it is still active:
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The YouTube Music Video Awards: Why Not?

YouTube Music Video Awards

Music awards and ceremonies these days have become nothing short of a joke. Grammy’s: worthless garbage. MTV VMA’s: maybe if this was still the 90’s. American Music Awards: is that really even still a thing? In my opinion, if we consumers really need our music taste validated by some worthless award ceremony it should at least be one that eliminates all political or monetary persuasion, and is not restricted to the grip of big label entertainment. Enter the first YouTube Music Video Awards. Sound gimmicky? It more than likely will be. The performance lineup already looks stupidly similar to a Grammy’s bill. The artists so far include Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire, who judging by their horrific SNL performance last saturday, will likely be the worst of the three always over-hyped acts. So what edge DOES the YouTube Music Video Awards actually have that might make it worth watching? Let’s explore:
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TV On The Radio – “Mercy”

TV On The Radio

TV On The Radio  Mercy, cover art, single

TV On The Radio has never been a band to stick to one distinct sound throughout their career. From avant garde noise rock to fast-paced electro funk, they have always done a good job of mixing things up. Their last album 9 Types of Light was the first of the band’s four albums that did not to receive extremely high acclaim. In my opinion that is wrongfully so. I found 9 Types of Light to be a highly underrated album. The sound played off of their previous effort, Dear Science but also incorporated a more simple, lighter approach. With no fifth album officially announced, nor in the works, yesterday they released for the first time a new studio song that have been touring with for a while now, “Mercy”.
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